Targeting AI with the custom time dilation node

So the prototype for a game I want to create consists of an AI that chases the player and you can freeze the AI in time with left click (flip flop node). I have the AI working properly with no issues, and I am able to freeze time across the world (global time dilation) while speeding up the character with custom time dilation to even it out. The problem is that there will be multiple AI in future development, and you should only be able to freeze one AI after a parry of some sort or a heavy attack, and I cannot figure out how to target an AI or even an actor/object for that matter with custom time dilation. I tried making the AI’s object reference a variable in the level blueprint and that does nothing. I am sure that there is a fairly simple way to target the AI from the level blueprint, but after looking at countless resources I cannot figure it out. Any ideas would be helpful.

Hello, i am having problem to “targeting AI with the custom time dilation node”. I’m waitting good answers. Thank a lot