Target "server" is not available when creating a dedicated server

I have installed engine 4.4 (OS win 7x64)

Have created a project from a preset of templates (in my case from the code first person).
Name of the project test01.

I perform all the actions described in the article:
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I create a special server target for UnrealBuildTool and place it to \Source\ folder.
I save it as test01Server.Target.cs. Then I regenerate projectfiles.

In the article, do the following:
“Open Visual Studio, set the configuration to *Server and select the platform target accordingly.”

I do not find configuration “Server”.


Are you using the though source or the pre built engine from the launcher. Afaik it is only available with the github source.

I have obtained from github following files:
I unpack them into one folder.
Further, I follow the instructions in the file run GenerateProjectFiles.bat; launch visual studio and open UE4.sln;
configuration is set to Development Editor and platform Win64; then build the UE4;
After compilation i launch UE4Editor.
Then create a project, for example on the basis of ShooterGame.
The project, which was created, containing the file: \projects\ShooterGame\Source\ShooterGameServer.Target.cs.
Slate and OnlineSubsystem is uncommented in the In ShooterGame.Build.cs.
I Refresh Visual Studio in Unreal Editor then start VisualStudio.
I have no Server configuration!

Please tell me what to do to collect separate server and client game!


Is this for Linux? To get that working you need to have the cross compiler described in the article

The question can be considered closed.

Building the server on windows platform happened through UnrealFrontend.