Target Pressed Not Found? {Animation Starter Pack Question}

Hello everyone! First things first, thank you for taking the time to click this post and help me with my issue =)

I’m new to Unreal Engine. Im using the Learn Documentation from the site to walkthrough their tutorial on how to get the Animation Starter Pack in my game. So far so good until I ran into Ch 5. Animation Blueprint - Idle and Walk States

Problem is, on point No. 5 where it reads “On the Event Graph, recreate the setup below then click the Compile button (Check the attachment below to see what I’m talking about),” It wants me to add 4 Variables;

Target Jump Pressed
Target Crouch Pressed
Target Jog Pressed
Target Prone Pressed

and connect those to the Booleans i was told to create on the far right to finish that step. However, I cannot find them and I’ve been troubleshooting for a few hours now, can’t find anyone with a clear cut answer. Hopefully one of you can =)

*Keep in mind that when you leave your answers, remember, I am beyond new to this and this is my first project, so I may not understand all your terminology. Please dumb it down as noob proof as you possibly can for me, and pictures would be amazing but obviously not required.

Thanks guys and thanks in advance for your replies!

Did you create the 4 Bool variables from step 1?:

If so, when you drag a line off “AsMyCharacter” when you right click they should be listed as you type their name in the text field. (ie. “JumpPressed”) -Be sure “Context Sensitive” is selected.

In that screenshot you (or the writer of the tutorial) made a cast to another blueprint. That means all those “Target” variables does not live in your actual “Animation Blueprint” but must be found through the cast to a different blueprint which is (in this case) called “MyCharacter”. If those variables are missing then you have to search in the “MyCharacter” blueprint and not in your Anim Blueprint. You did not post a screenshot of that blueprint so I think you did not add it there. Acutally most time if you find some “Cast to” stuff it means that this call should leave your own blueprint (this) and should bow some variables or call functions that are at home in some other blueprint (object). It’s similar to a pointer to another class in C++ (Classes (I) - C++ Tutorials). And like in classes of C++ there is some “private” and “public” stuff that you can set in those blueprints as well. Sometimes this is not necessary if there is some friendship already anyway but if you are sure this variables are in the destination blueprint that is casted and everything was saved already then make them public and try again.

I did create the 4 Bool Variables from Step 1, Problem was i never tried dragging a line off of “MyCharacter” and right clicking. Soon as i did that I was able to find the variable by typing “Jump Pressed” exactly as you said =)

But the problem I’m running to now is that Target Crouch Pressed, Jog Pressed, and Prone Pressed are not appearing only one that did was Jump. any reason why this could be?

Hard to say, but usually there is something simple you missed in the previous steps: I’d suggest making sure you have followed all of the steps on this page:

If so, when typing try with Context Sensitive “on” and then “off.” Sometimes the Context Sensitive feature can be counter-intuitive.

The casting should be “cast to my character” instead of “cast to character”. If you don’t have “cast to my character”, try checking the previous blueprints where you created point 3. Finishing character setup.

Change your file name for point 3 to “my character” in the content browser.
After changing the name, go back to point 5 and delete “cast to character” and then right click and type “cast to my character”, it should be there and you could cast those lines such as jog pressed and the others