Target Locking like Dark Souls in third person mode


can you help me how to do in BluePrint or in C++ target locking like Dark Souls have in third person mode. It’s allow on button to lock closest character and then:

  1. at the character is painted a sprite
  2. camera rotates by locked character so he is always in center of the view
  3. my player character is facing the locked character so all attacks are always going in proper direction.

I’m very very begginer so as much data you can give me it would be very helpful.


here’s how I went for it…I’ve a series of Tuts on that page but I don’t think you need to watch since the beginning to get the lock on working…but if you’re new you might find some useful tuts on there for hack n’ slash games…

good luck…

Thank you very much!

I was playing with it last night. I already have HUD with the lock sprite.

I realised that I need to hook at the LookUpRate and TurnAtRate.

I’ll study the tutorial, look in very right direction :slight_smile:

hey guys i just start my blog and i know there is still a lot of work that need to be improved but here i making tutorial on target system similar to dark souls