Target Lock system Camera Stutter "Dark Souls"

I followed the tutorial by lurendium on their dark souls target system but whenever I run the game and lock on to ai and move sideways it stutters. I found that by increasing interpolation in RInterTo node the stuttering goes but another problem comes up which is the camera shaking like crazy whenever the character changes direction.

Please Help me

[Video Link]!Al_eZKS_zKwe1y_I6RnNjVS-qSpG

I have the same problem. Enabling camera lag removed the stutter but it takes time for the character to turn to the npc witch is quite annoying :frowning:

thank you I`ll try this too

I tried enabling camera lag before but it didn’t do much; after a while, I noticed another checkbox under the camera lag something to do with camera rotation so I checked that and it worked. What I did to fix the camera turning towards enemy too slowly is I made the interp speed (in “change camera and player rotation speed” function you make in the tutorial) to 0 or a high number.