Target Indicator/Marker

I’ve created an Actor that contains a Static Mesh which I attachTo a socket on my Pawn. I’m curious if this is an appropriate way to display an indicator like this, or if there is benefit in doing an effect/something else? Also, if the static mesh is appropriate, how can I make the mesh lay flat on the floor instead of ‘bouncing’ as my character walks?

Bump. Can anyone advise me on how to keep my Indicator mesh on a flat plane?

maybe try a decal instead

Indeed, spawning a DecalComponent is probably what you’re looking for. It can either be spawned at location or attached to an Actor.

Great, I will try a decal later today.

Though I managed to attach the static mesh to the root component which prevents it from wobbling like it did when it was attached to a socket. Is there an easy way to attach to the root component at some offset?

Thanks for your help guys!

The transforms on scene components are called “relative” for a reason… :slight_smile:

Trace downwards from the root component to figure out the distance you’ll need to offset by, then apply that distance to RelativeLocation.Z .