Target editor not found

hi guys, Im getting this error every time I change the name of the file. Does anyone know why and how can it be fixed?

please let me know,

thank you

You may want to share your log file and be specific with what file you’re changing the name of and where. Are you trying to change the name of your .proj file a map file?

Would you also explain why you are trying to change the file name?

hi, I’m trying to change the name of the file.
The thing is, I downloaded a google VR template from ue4 documentation called GoogleVRCameraExample (camera set up only).
It is working fine until I migrate the camera setting to my project that I get errors when packing. I discover that if I migrate my project to the googleVRCameraSetup file it works fine however if I change the name of the project, for example (from: googleVRCameraSetup to: test1) I get the error that I mentioned before.

hope you understand and can help

thank you

attached the file from UE documentation