Target dynamic

Hi halobungie

I personally haven’t used the AI Move To events before. But I imagine they would work something like this:

Let me know if you need any of this needs explaining. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hello Alekann01, Thank you very much. I have problems with “Current Target”. What Component is this? Is it a Variable or something else?

I’m not Shure if the “Pawn Reference” is now correct? I have take “Cast to ALS_CharacterBP3” → this is the Character on the Right Side in the Picture. This character should Walk to the Target after i push the Keyboard!

Please see this Picture:

Hi halobungie.

Unfortunately, your pawn reference is not correct. I will talk through your logic.
CharacterMovement (Actor Component) → GetPawnOwner (Player Controller) → Cast to Pawn (Cast failed).

Looking at your screenshot, it seems you are already inside your pawn, pawn reference can simply be Self. A Character class inherits from the Pawn class, so you can treat a character as a pawn, but you cannot treat a pawn as a character.

To your other question:

I have problems with “Current Target”. What Component is this? Is it a. Variable or something else?

Yes, this was a variable I created to store the return value of the spawn actor node. We can use this variable access this object easily for future functionality. Apologies for not making that clear.

I hope this helps.

Hello Alekann01, Thanks sooo much!!! Now it’s Working!!! Many Thanks!!!

A problem unfortunately still exists:
if i move the Target-Cube (= Static Mesh), then the NPC’s would not go to the New place - they go only to the first Location before i have moved the Static Mesh. Have you any idea to solve this problem?