Target Actor/Object by location [inverse function to getWorldLocation] and Objects Collisions

I am wondering if exist inverse function to get World Location [by targeting object we get its location].
I would like to target an object, by entering its location and get all of its variables. Is it possible?
[It can’t be the solution with event OnClicked]

I had one idea [working], to create an array of objects on event BeginPlay [get All actors of Class] and then, when its necessary I have to search all of this array for this object, which is quite silly and not efficient.

Another question is how to add collision event/ what is the name of this event [actorbeginsoverlap?]
[when one object enters the area of another object, and then it is possible to reference to both object, and this also could be the solution of the first question.

Thank you for answer.

If you use a line trace

One of the things it returns is the object hit:

Then you can get everything you need.

Thank You so mach for response. : )
I really need this informations.

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