TARDIS effect?

Hey. Anyone know how I could make a bigger-on-the-inside effect? Here’s an example of what I mean (this is it being done in the Source engine, which is quite a bit easier):

I tried doing this by rendering a camera view onto a texture, but it came out looking like this: 459ec2d0781c281794b00bcc43a39262.png

Not sure what to do here. It looks literally like a flat surface, and is not convincing AT ALL like it is in the video shown. Also, I need to be able to smoothly move into the room, and it needs to look like I’m actually walking in - not teleporting anywhere. This is VERY easy to do in the Source engine, but I’m not sure how to do it in Unreal. Any advice?

EDIT: I’ve also seen this done in Antichamber, which was made in UE4, so I know it’s possible.

I assume you are using the scene capture to do this? In the example it looks to me that the object they are using for the portal is a rectangle with two material channels one is the basic walls and the other is a material that does the portal reflection. If you notice the door in the portal video show is almost if not completely flush to the mesh where you have actually cut a deep door hole in your mesh.

For this I would have a copy of the room that you want to be the “tardis” in another area of the scene and set the camera there as it doesn’t matter where it is in space you can then just add some markup to instantly teleport the player to this location when you step through it and do the reverse inside the “tardis” room.

you really shouldn’t double post about the same subject.
anyway the reason it looks flat is because you are not moving the 2d capture around to get a parallax effect as your player moves.
you shouldn’t even be able to see that you teleport if you do it properly like this (old game i made last year) im teleporting 20000 uu under the level to a whole new area where its night time and scary lol.
if you can see that you teleport, then you haven’t made both rooms exactly the same and your not porting to the exact relative location, therefore it looks like you move a bit

but this is the way its done, you need to fake the room you look at from the outside and then teleport to the real geo when you walk in.

exactly what i told him in his first thread

Deleted the old post, sorry. Wanted to repost it with more detail and examples.

So, in what way should I move the 2D capture? I tried using an Event Tick to constantly make the camera teleport to the player’s location (with an offset so that it’s in the other room) and constantly set its rotation to the player’s, but it still didn’t look right.

what you need is when you strafe left to right, your capture pans right to left so you get a clear line of site