Tappy chicken is 60mb

It says here that tappy chicken is 9mb

but when i built it it comes to around 60mb
How do i built for 9mb.

It is 9 MB when transferred gzipped. The actual uncompressed size is about 53 MB (did a quick check in Chrome) so you are very close with your 60 MB. Maybe check How to reduce HTML5 package size? - Plugins - Epic Developer Community Forums to see if you can apply some of the things mentioned there.

SO what is gzipped??

This is a Linux compression format … noprmally represented by a .gz extension. It is commonly used with tar files (.tar) to compress a tar file even more. Short answer is it is just a zipped format, similar to .rar or .zip … this is however irrelevant to your actual issue.

Your actual problem is that Tappy Chicken needs to have the build optimised for Android … if I remember correctly there are a whole bunch of slate files that are included by default and this increases the size of the archive file.

Probably what you are looking for is: Questions in topic: apk size

There is a lot of good information there that you can try to reduce the size of Tappy Chicken and all APK files.

No i am not talking about APK size.
What i wana reduce is size of javascript file HTML5shipping.js. Its 46mb now. A game like this should not be more than 2mb.
Also why website is providing false information when actual size is 60mb and not 9mb.

Oh sorry.

The size is based on the packaged size … then you should probably look at the original link supplied by trutty: How to reduce HTML5 package size?

I guess the engine makes the largest part. Using any Engine, you will always have an overhead in size.

The website says that the “download size” is about 9.4 MB, which is no false information, as it is zipped and so only those 9.4 MB will be transferred. Just google it gzip compression or read about it here Optimizing Encoding and Transfer Size of Text-Based Assets

Those discussion doesnt yiled any meaningful result.

On gzip part if i use gzip so user only downloads compressed game.
So if my game is 60 mb compressed to 30mb then user only downloads 30mb. Also how much time does it takes to uncompress file depending upon file size

Those sizes were with the 4.1 version of the engine. The iOS size has almost doubled to 57.6 MB. I guess with each version the engine has taken up more and more space.