Tappy Chicken Input

I’m studying blueprints, and have a question about input.

I’ve done the following steps.

  1. Created a blank project
  2. Drug over all files from TappyChicken EXCEPT the umap
  3. Brought a PlayerStart and BP_MainGame into the recreated umap
  4. Attached the BP_SimpleGame_GameInfo override

So it all looks great, except for input. I can click on the Play button and get to where it tells you to tap the screen to make the bird flap, but at this point, it does not recognize any of my input - I cannot get the bird to flap. I’ve brought in the umap from the original TappyChicken and when I use that map it works, so I know there’s an issue with my umap, but I simply cannot figure out what the difference here is.

Any clue what setting in a umap would allow me to register pressing a button, but would not register a general screen tap?

I figured it out - in the BP_MainGame, I needed to set Auto Receive Input to Player 0. It was disabled, meaning the mouse clicks were not being directed anywhere.