Tappy Chicken in Paper 2d with UMG menu

Here is a Short Video to show Tappy bird made in Paper2d and with UMG menu etc.
If anyone would like the project files The link is below the video.
hope this is of use to someone!

If any question, pm me

That’s awesome!

Looks nice, well done, i will be interested to have a peek at the files :D.

Fantastic job soulmapp! Thank you for sharing this on GitHub. Keep up the great work!

Hello, hope you still around for answering, (very nice game btw). I cant see the files now, but i will ask just in case.
What did you do to “replicate” the score at the gameover screen? I know is a very basic question but im pretty knew, any answer will be very appreciated. See ya!!!

Hi ya… Please explain some more, on what you mean.
For example. when the bird dies the score is taken from him and stored in a save file and then the game_over screen(UMG) checks the save file for what ever i want to display at that point… ie… is it my best score. or do i have that egg collected already and so on.

How did you get the background to appear as if it’s infinite? Tappy chicken and didn’t really help me out. That’s really the only thing I’m stuck on. Did you use streaming levels? I spent 3 hours last night trying to stream levels but couldn’t get it to work. Any information would be very much appreciated!


Hi, I’m trying to run the demo and all I get is a white screen with two buttons and a checkbox.
What am I doing wrong?

very cool :smiley:

Very cool do you think I could use this as a template?:smiley:

@soulmapp very good work, thx for sharing with us, I will for sure check it :slight_smile:

but before that i need to find out how to download it from GITHUB and use it in UE4, haha,

Thanks :slight_smile: