Tappy Bird example error?

Why is there an error in the BP_MainGame? The very first Function in the blueprint named “Get Platform Name” doesn’t seem to be a function at all. The example game compiles / runs with a warning msg about this

Warning Unable to find function with name ‘GetPlatformName’ for Get Platform Name
Warning Could not find the function ‘GetPlatformName’ called from Get Platform Name
Warning [9278.47] Compile of BP_MainGame successful, but with 2 Warning(s) [in 147 ms]

Any information on this topic?

Hi KillerSneak,

GetPlatformName was added in CL# 2043787 on 2014/04/09, which was after 4.1 branched, so it’s not present there (but will be in 4.2). I apologize if the version of Tappy Chicken in the marketplace for 4.1 uses it (means someone merged content across without the associated code changes). I think it is just used in Tappy Chicken to determine whether to show the extra leaderboard/game center buttons or not, so it should be pretty safe to delete for now until you upgrade to 4.2.

Michael Noland

Hi and thanks for the heads up Michael. You’re talking about “CL# 2043787 on 2014/04/09” is this the code/version found on GitHub? I haven’t actually used the UE4 code at all. So the actual question for now is: If I download the latest source code found on GitHub and compile it will it fix the error. As far as I can see the blueprint function/code determines if it’s running on iOS or not and indeed branches out to make specific functions/functionality work or not.

Thanks in advance.