Tapered capsules for all physics

Hey there,

Once experimenting with PhAT, I found out that a primitive with a conic surface is what I badly need. Some versions ago tapered capsules were introduced… but for cloth simulation only. I couldn’t find if there are plans for expanding this up to rigid collisions or if someone requested such a feature (the latter highly surprised me), so I’m asking this question. Are tapered capsules so unusual, undersupported or performance-heavy at the level of PhysX? Or the feature is never released because nobody needs it?

PS: full mesh collisions are bad workaround for this because of abrupt edges unless having thousands of polygons. Any spheres or standard capsules assemblies are also bad since they yield concave areas.

Okay, it seems that on a certain depth of the physics engine there is a restriction alowing primitive bodies to have only diagonal inertia tensors, which means that a body must be symmetrical along all three axes. Tapered capsules have not diagonal inertia tensors. Nevertheless I dont’ understand why tappered capsules are not allowed in static meshes, where they would play the same role as in cloth.

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