Tape adhesion mechanic

Hi all, I’d love to get some helpful tips regarding how to create a real time tape mechanics in bp.

As a start I’d like to be able to equip of tape in my hand and while moving around a pillar the tape extends and adhese to pillar.
The main conundrum is the adhesion as the end of the strip should adhese to the object and the beginning needs to be anchored in the roll of tape.

As of now I have a static mesh as the roll of tape, and a separate tape strip. I’ve experimented with making the tape strip a skeltal mesh and spline mesh without any success.

Any tips would be helpful.
Thank you

Yep you’d want to use a Spline Component for this, and I believe that could be done completely in BP.


Somewhat unrelated but could prove to be useful,
I created a swinging system that had a web-wrapping mechanic
meaning that the line would wrap around objects the line intersected with

I did this by casting a line trace from the actor to the tether point and if it hit anything,
I’d set the new tether point to that location
as you can see how the character wraps around the pole and the tether becomes shorter

I later used a beam emitter to display the line connecting the character and the tether point
this is useful because you can attach the beam emitter to the character and then set the beam end point to the tether point,
you’ll have manually update the end point if what it’s attached to moves

I hope this helps you

So I wasn’t happy with my explanation,
I went and tried it for myself GIF by bankworthy | Gfycat
Here’s my results and Blueprints

This should definitely help a bit more

@ Bankworthy

That’s awesome! A winch like in Uncharted 4 lol. Thanks for sharing that, might come in handy some day :smiley: