Isn’t that much feedback about ue4, rather about the forums. Will there be a tapatalk plugin, like in the old forums? Or is it already here and I didn’t notice?

We should be setup for tapatalk now. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Well, it’s working, but I can’t login. When I try to put in my email as the nick, it sais I have no account and asks if I want to create one. When I use my forum nick (Cube2222) it sais wrong username or password.


I apologize. We have some problems to work out with the tapatalk plugin and authentication. I need to disable tapatalk for now until we can fix a few things. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, when do you plan to enable Tapatalk again?

How’s it going with tapatalk? I miss it.

Hi Folks,

We will have tapatalk support again, but not likely soon. We need to do a little work more work than initially anticipated to integrate it with our authentication backend. I can’t really give an ETA yet, since it’s a ways down the priority list.

I’ll be sure to post when we have a better idea where this fits into the schedule.

Couldn’t we get it for the time without the login function? Just to read through the threads. If you cannot work on it now because of other priorities, jsut make it as it was please.

Any news about this?

I still can’t seem to pull this up on Tapatalk even though there’s a banner telling me I should be able to. Tapatalk just says that the forum can’t be opened.


Any update on this? :slight_smile: