Tap or Fail

Hi guys,
here is my first Android game created with Unreal Engine. As you all can see I’ve use it at its maximum power! :wink:


Hi Zanna,

I tried your app and I just wanted to give you some feedback.

This is just constructive criticism from a gaming perspective.

  1. The round ends way too quickly. Consider slowing down the progression a little bit and make it more linear. Perhaps make it so the timer increase x seconds (to a max of x seconds) for every 5 accurate taps in a row.

  2. The sound effects are maddening. All the chiming makes me want to play the game with the sound off. Also, sounds are interrupted by overlapping sounds which makes it play back choppy. Maybe use more lower pitched sounds that come in strong and fade out. The background music is a bit overwhelming as well; if you have resources to more relaxing ambient sounds consider that. Or just use varying pulses and blips throughout the game play.

  3. The busy background is just too much. It doesn’t really distract but rather just hurts to look at. You could go so many better routes with this. Perhaps use a bokeh effect, alternate between shapes, anything but the fast moving background, especially when you already have a fast moving foreground.

  4. Ads are often bad. I know ads are a source of income but they’re also a good way to destroy a game. Consider alternative ad placement, or wait until your game has progressed to something larger. A lot of apps get bad ratings because they push too many ads. This particular feedback however is not related to game play so take it however you like.

  5. Don’t force Google login. Have the option presented as a menu, and perhaps when you start the game remind the user that their progress won’t be saved unless they link with Google.

That’s all. Nice work on getting a game out there!

I agree with a lot of Distul’s feedback about the gameplay, especially the busy background. I found it fairly distracting, especially during the menu screen where it made everything difficult to read.

I know the google login thing is difficult since that is how UE4 (and I think google play services in general) handles it, by prompting for login as soon as the app opens. You can always press cancel to play without logging in but that isn’t the most obvious thing. I also think the ads work fine as you have them here, they aren’t invasive and don’t effect the gameplay at all.

Best of luck, I think the game has some potential!

First of all thank you guys for your replies! I appreciate.
This first game was first of all a test for me, in order to learn how unreal engine and the publishing system work.
To be honest I don’t know how to create an option to login to google. As Smcqueen noticed, I only know that UE automatically login as soon as the app opens, but if there is another way I’ll be happy to add it. Anyway, the record is store also locally. Or at least it should save locally, in my phone works but it is just my phone.

Thanks again for your replies!