Tap controls like tappy chicken.

i am making some basic android games to learn unreal, but i am stuck at some places.
Like i am trying to figure out how i can -

  1. make tap jump control like tappy chicken (where chicken goes up when tapped and then falls with gravity or physics if not tapped again)

  2. for my score system i made an actor blueprint for collectibles added score variable then created whole logic to add 100 points and then set the score each time it hits player. Then i duplicated it 4 times in content browser as i have 4 different textures to place on the mesh. but it keeps showing each of their score differently.

You can download Tappy Chicken and take the relevant BP nodes from that to use in your project

Thanks, Any idea how i can do the score part?

… i want to spawn some meshes randomly from the the 4 different ones i have. and when i collide with them they disappear and i get score.

You will also find that in the project but essentially I’d write the score to the GameState and trigger a UI refresh which would in turn read the score from the GameState.

You could see example of blueprint with randomly meshes here https://forums.unrealengine.com/deve…oter-blueprint
As example here spawning asteroid with random meshes and they dissapear (destroying with spawning explosion VFX) than they collide with player or player laser (and u got score if this player laser).