Tank and weapon ww2

lol, love the detail

Our follow up our Infinite Knives and Blades pack is going to be a World War 2 gun pack. The pack is looking to have 10-11 weapons and cost $79.99. No tanks though. Again up for debate. Wasn’t going to show discuss anything on this until August 15 but since the opportunity presents itself, why not? The pack is intended for our Our Ghosts of War game so it will obviously be high quality.

  1. M1 Garand
  2. M1 Carbine
  3. Thompson Machinegun
  4. 1911 Pistol
  5. M67 Fragmentation Grenade
  6. Kar 98
  7. Machine Pistol 40
  8. STG 44
  9. M24 Grenade
  10. MG42
  11. M1919 Browning machine gun

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