Tank with turret and Cannon Doc incomplete

Hey Epic,

Just thought I would report this as it has been incomplete/Work in Progress for a few months now.

The following Tutorial is incomplete and has not been updated for some time.

Are there any plans to finish this part of the documentation?

Thank you for your time

PS - I put this in bug reports due to the lack of a documentation section in the AnswerHub.

Hi ,

This was a side project and I had been working on (mostly , I was helping). I am taking over the project and will be putting some more effort into it in the coming days/weeks when I have free time. Look for updates to the tutorial as soon as I have some more stuff to work with!

Hey @- I noticed that the wiki entry has been deleted. Is there an official tank template coming down the pipe?

Hi ,

This was taken down for a couple of reasons. One being and have had little time lately to complete it. Another is we may have something on the horizon that covers this subject. We hope to have more news on that soon.



is there an archive version of it somewhere?

At this time no, there is no archive of the tank tutorial.

Just want to point people towards this video… https://www…com/watch?v=Oh7pDL8RFaI