Tank tracks

I think the title says it all. I want to know how to make tank tracks. I’ve made a simple tank project in unity with scrolling textures, but it wasn’t the thing i was aiming for. My goal is to make tracks with a 3d model. So is there any ‘simple’ way of doing that in blueprints?

Yes and no.

You can use a decal with tessellation - maybe - it would really depend on the terrain material more then on the tank.

basically, if you set up the material correctly with tessellation - you can find tons of tutorials and ways to go about it with examples of Snow - you can then save the pattern the tank walks over and “draw” on the terrain.
the drawn area is set to be lower or 0 tessellation giving you the idea that a more or less deep track was etched on the terrain.

as far as drawing a specific pattern while you go, that gets tougher.

Programmatically speaking you would need to buffer up an image and associate it with a starting point on the track, then keep count of the location of said starting point to decide how much of the buffer would have to … print, it’s essentially exactly the same approach as if you were dealing with writing a file actually - just a wee bit more complicated to go from the core concept to whatver Unreal accepts as ways to print patterns out.

ofc. If you really don’t care that the pattern and the track actually match, you can just throw the decal as the drawing pattern and save yourself a lot of fine tuning.