Tank movement?


I need some advice on creating realistic tank movement…

Here is what I got so far:

But it looks very unrealistic, like the tank is floating etc.

But I’ve found a guy on youtube, who have made a cool looking tank movement:

Can anyone tell me how I can make something like this?

I’ve looked at the Vehicle Movement component, but I don’t know if it’s usable or even how to rig the tank correctly…

How’s your C++ skills? :slight_smile:

UE4 uses Nvidia PhysX as the underlying physics engine and the latest version of PhysX has tanks as a vehicle type as well as N wheel vehicles… However, Epic has only added support for 4 wheels at the Blueprint level, so I think the only way to add tanks is to build the underlying C++ classes that connect PhysX to Blueprint. The link above is to the Nvide docs so you can start there.

if your just doing a top down then that looks fine once you sort the collision out, in the second video he’s all most there, with some tanks you can do a “neutral” turn, now i think you could do that in UE3/udk but i’ve now idea if it’s possible atm in UE4.

you may find that the guy used UE4.5 which is supposed to have better vehicle support, as for rigging a tank a lot depends on how you do the weapons/turrets ue2 or ue3 way but the wheels+track are done the same

Unfortunately I have no C++ skills… I’m new to game development and blueprint is the only coding I’ve done.

I’m working with 4.5, but I’m not sure how I do the collision and make it look realistic when driving on the hills…

just make a big box that goes around the vehicle