Tank Defense Division Released On Steam

Store Page: Tank Defense Division on Steam

About The Game

Tank Defense Division is an arcade-like strategy game in which the player is a part of the Fallhearth Federation’s Tank Defense Division. The player’s responsible for testing out prototype tanks against foreign enemies to show their viability on the battlefield. The game comes with both single player campaigns and co-op. Along with a diverse selection of Levels, Enemies, and Game modes to Explore, Battle, Build upon, and Share.

** - Level editor: Allows the community to build, play and share levels with both friends and strangers.

  • Campaign mode: The player battles dynamic AI through 100 unique levels in both co-op and single player.

  • Battle mode: Battle friends, strangers, and AI alike in premade levels or ones fellow players have created.

  • Dynamic AI: Various types of enemies that change throughout gameplay each having their own specific abilities and weaknesses.

  • Multiplayer: Play with friends and strangers against AI, together, or in an all-out firefight.**

About the Devs

Over the past year, we have been working as a two man development team. We originally planned this game to just be a project we worked on while we learned unreal and the basic flow of developing games in unreal. As you may be able to tell we based this game off of the Tank Game featured in Wii Play for the Nintendo Wii. As development continued and we learned more we decide we should try and release on Steam. The greenlight process took about 100 days to get through but it was a major boost in morale when we finally did. Finally, after many hours of bug testing, our game is finally available on steam.

Lead Artist

My name’s I created tank defense division with my brother . I’m a 22-year-old game designer and artist. For this particular project, I worked on the design and mechanics, concept art, 3D models, Animations, Particles effects, GUI, and level design.

Lead Programmer

My name’s . I’m a 16-year-old game designer and I worked on everything from UI to AI. I implemented everything made by into Unreal Engine 4.

If you have any ideas for gameplay features or questions you can email me at.

**Email: **

Store Page: Tank Defense Division on Steam