Tangent Error Importing Mesh (Yes I've Read the thread) and is there a Diagnostic Tool in Unreal?

I have no idea why I keep getting this error on my mesh.

I have checked 1000 times and made sure I have no mirrored UVs and NO overlapping UVs. I’ve used the overlap check in Max 2017 and nothing shows up and I’ve also pulled each vert to see if I have something hiding. I’ve run STL check looking for bad Geometry and I have no errors.

What on Earth is the problem and if the Unreal Engine is this Picky why not create a TOOL that can diagnose exactly where the problem is rather then me spend HOURS looking for it??

I want to sell the model so I want it to import without any errors.

I’ve read the thread showing the new tangent process and I still don’t get what on Earth I’m missing here.

What are you export options from Maya like?

This can be caused by a number of things so it can be hard to diagnose, but the most common one I’ve found is having isolated vertices, overlapping faces (geometry, not UV’s) or verts that are unwelded etc. Nothing to do with your UV setup usually.

ISnce you’re in 3DS Max, you can check a couple of things using XView. Try viewing overlapping / inverted faces etc. Also as the post above me says, show us a screenshot of your export settings.

Hi thanks for the replies.

I had modeled the object in Max 2017, but my trial ran out yesterday, so I downloaded Maya 2017 Trial and used Poly Clean Up to narrow in on what might be the cause. It appears that when I did a weld in Max across everything using small decimal setting it welded two verts together that were 2 separate elements. I’ve never had that before and it wasn’t showing up with STL check. Glad I’m fluent in both Packages to be able to repair the problem. Now it imports into UE4 with no errors. I know when I get that error I’m in for major pain to find the error.

Thanks again fellas