Tame Dinos with coding


I have made a code which automatically tames all wolves in an area. The taming part of the script looks like this:

The Force Auto Tame node only seems to work when used in event Begin Play (the coding is inside a function). How can I tame a dino with a piece of coding?

Thanks in advance

Has someone succeeded so far in this, I would like to know.

I would believe there to be a few options… I haven’t tested any of this but from my limited knowledge and of the nodes I’ve seen, the following could be possible.

One option would be to use a spawn actor node and getting the result of that and then taming it to a specified player.

I must say thought… you haven’t really explicitly stated your issue here, or that you’re even having a problem?


In my mod you can play as a direwolf. I want to add an option that if you howl as a wolf other wolfs will follow you. To do this I tame all the wolves in a certain radius. The problem is I don’t know how to tame the wolves with coding. Force Auto Tame only works when used with Event Begin Play.

My question is how to do this and if there are nodes for this.

Do you need more screenshots?

I have made a work around. Just respawn the dino’s I want to tame a the same location and the use Force Autotame in their event begin play.

Mind sharing the blueprinting?