Tamago's Adventures


Doing a sideoff adventure based on BaconMan An Adventure game.

I love it. The sword swing seem a bit weak. Also it would be awesome if you can add a input/button that would cause the camera to move/rotate to the character back, like in the Zelda games.

nice work man! looks very good so far. :wink:

looks awesome :smiley:

@ SomKim: Yeah I though the regular attack looked pretty slow and weak as well. Im actually going for that Zelda parody feel, Ill see what I can do about the rotating back behind the player.

Animation is nice, character looks quite good something I would fix on is the transitions between the animations

Do you have specific things in mind? I’ve been meaning to make the transitions look better, however I’m having trouble figuring out what to do exactly.

Zelda’s camera is a good standard for 3d person adventure game. Was this done in blueprint or C++? I would literally pay 50 USD for a video tutorial that does everything I see in your video(from scratch with blueprint). Would it be possible to add a slight motion blur on the sword swing, that might make it look faster.

I prefer to program most of the stuff in my game. I did most of it in C++, the attachment stuff was done in Blueprints because its faster than typing in components and attaching it in code haha. Some motion blur or swing effects might be cool thanks!

I’ll probably add a wiki section on my progress detailing some of the things I did.

Managed to make the camera return to the back of the pawn by clicking the right stick.

FullSize Image : Here

So quirky and wonderful - I was smiling the whole time haha and it’s only at it’s beginning.

Just thought I’d add, that in regards to changing animations, I don’t think you should - to me the somewhat abrupt transitions actually suit your character. My 2c.

Nice looks fun :slight_smile:

Looking good man its been a long time since I have talked to you.

I love the style, the character looks totally cool! I’m curious how this will grow :slight_smile:

Thanks! I should have an update soon, with some nice edits.


Do you used a software like 3ds max or maya, to modelate your character ?

And i think, imported him in ue ?

Thank you

More than likely he uses 3D Studio Max. Then he probably used the built in biped rigger to do the skeleton. Animations were probably either done by FBX or I think the editor also has an animation engine but i’m unsure as I haven’t played with it yet.

I use Maya 2011 to model and animate and import my characters.

My buddy Angelos does the rigs for me.

Got a new update!

Very nice :slight_smile: I see your working on the melee functionality good work man. Also re add me on Skype I sent the request.

Got an update! With the attacks!