Talks And Demos: Unreal Engine 5 Guided Tour

Haven’t yet taken the plunge into UE5 and want to see some of what you’re missing? Join Chris Murphy as he builds a small scene from nothing, covering how the toolset fundamentals work together and some useful tips and tricks along the way!


Hey great tutorial, except this guy sucks at teaching.

5 stars what is taught
1 star for strength as a teacher

You know that cousin / mother that knows nothing about computers? That’s us, the new guy on the block. He’s the guy that says, move over let me do it, does it real quick and the cousin / mother / new guy learns nothing.

To figure this out, the video needs to be run at half-speed (0.6 is as slow as it can be set) and even then it is so fast you are left wondering what the heck he just did.

Edit: Many of the noise materials are not in the tutorial. At the start it says something about the noise being in the ‘engine content’ whatever the heck that is.


It’d also be helpful if the instructions for the demo included snippets for the external parts (the outside of the building) for the demo as well. Including the blending of sands, the runtime virtual textures, etc.

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Also be sure to set up virtual textures support on your project


Please could someone tell me where he gets these textures from

It says it, right there, that it’s a UE5 Guided Tour. It was not supposed to be a step-by-step how-to course, rather a quick whip-up of what the new UE5 editor tools can do. Nothing more.

Using those hints alone you can build a complete scene, and that’s impressive. I was not sure which engine to chose until I saw that tour - UE5 it is! Thanks!


This is insanely good tutorial for intermediate UE5 users, learned very well
Thanks a lot, love you all
peace V

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i honatsly found this tuturial amasing before i watched this i followd a few basic landscape tuturials on youtube for a week than tried creating my own landscape without any help kept messing up but found fixes on the intirnet when i finished my projact it was crap but than when i went back to turorials i understood y thay did certion things and how thay avoided doing my mistakes with simple steps than again tried creating a projact faild less but still had isues but my projact came out much better now watchng this and seeing how he did things that took me hours more simply in minauts i can intergrate these teqneics into my projact and when thay dont work quite right and i fix thami will understand much better what hes doing

Amazing tutorial thank you Chris

This is not for beginners at all! As a first video ever to any game engine, who cares about the position of the sun! Tell me about the menus, how to use the program, how to handle projects, how to program code into your game, etc.


Excellent introductory tour. However, the video quality is not very good, the picture is soapy, which makes it difficult to recognize the text of the interface.

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Thanks for this peek into the workings of Unreal. I’ve spent the last few years in Unity messing about but was never inspired much but just one day in Unreal and I’m buzzing for the possibilities.

I followed along the video in 0.5% speed, pausing A LOT but this is the result:

Added the XR rig and smooth locomotion thanks to YouTuber @GDXR for showing us the blueprints for that, amazing tutorial on his channel if anyone is interested in a step by step guide on implementing it.

Anyway thought you guys would like to see this demo.

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Exactly this and it’s actually very informative and easy to follow if you slow the video speed to 0.5% and pause it a lot. I think I was following it for about 8 hours in total yesterday and I’ve still got about 10 mins of the video left to watch :smiley:

Pretty cool demo and walk-through of it all. Definitely a ton to learn but that’s what makes things fun.

This person in the video isn’t really that great at teaching. All I am seeing is him making something out of nothing, which is good. Its amazing that you can do that, but they’re going so fast when making edits, the viewer cannot memorize in time of where to go to do these things when needed. And the person is just saying what he feels after every change. However, regardless of how it was, I am still very much interested in UE. I can’t wait to make my first project and make it a success!

The problem with this video is that as a newcomer to UE5, THIS video is the FIRST thing that you encounter in the learning section, and while it’s very neat as a tech demo I quickly got lost and gave up trying to learn any practical skills. That said, I did somewhat understand the types of tools available and understanding what is available is the first step in learning it.

I’m going to continue exploring the learning library for what looks like much better practical videos for beginners, but I highly recommend anyone else new who is watching this to NOT try and follow along in UE5 past the lighting and cubegrid stuff, since the rest is dense and skipped over anyway. DO watch it, however, so you know what you can research later once you need it.

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How on earth Epic guide me here for new to UE?!

anyone else not able to toggle light after hitting ctrl +L while following along in the video? the gizmo shows up for me, but when I move the cursor, nothing happens

yea i liked that control rig