Talks And Demos: Building Worlds with Landmass | Unreal Engine

The Landmass plugin is a new, Blueprint-driven way to procedurally and non-destructively edit a landscape in UE. This feature, along with the Landscape Layers, makes editing game worlds much easier, and allows developers to build and iterate quicker.

I saw and appreciated your tutorial! Thank you a lot!
I’m using Landmass Plugin for some time now but I encountered one problem. Maybe you will be able to help me with that? I’ve got a river in the scene I’m currently working on and I wanted to change a material that is assigned to SplineMeshChild of the river. To do that I made an instance of the old material, changed some details and then dragged the new material to the material slot of the river spline in the Details. Everything works fine and I can see in the editor that change is made. Unfortunately when I’m turning off my project or loading another map after I return to the level with the river the old material is being assigned back to the river spline even when I’m making sure that I saved everything before. Is there another way to change this material or some place where it is originally assigned to the river?
I’ll appreciate any help!