Talking to others about feasibility in game design.


Every where I go and talk about game design it’s the same old conundrum, somebody with a million different ideas which are all “perfect” in their imagination.

I’ve written a document over at penflip about this:

TL;DR: Basically everyone has an amazing idea for a game, outside of kids who think people want to make their games for free, there are skilled programmers, artists and people who are willing to spend money on making a game. So this document is a means of getting across to those people. If you have something you say or do then please share it. It’s also about not mixing slow/fast paced genres that don’t go together, creating a consice story and not trying to get people to work for free or “royalty”.

can you just cut and past that to all those annoying threads on the job section? :wink:

Great article, and your point about less is more was spot on!

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. This is the sort of conversation I seem to get into every-time I meet someone who wants to make a game. These are mistakes people who are seasoned programmers and artists still make, you could even argue that the seasoned vet John Romero made some of these mistakes in trying to force Daikatana into being a certain type of game, mixing incompatible styles rather than letting it evolve organically.

I want to get across to people with serious potential to make games, there are lots of kids and autistic people who often post things like “I have the greatest idea ever and will pay royalty”, but I haven’t really tried to address that in this document.

You guys also might like to enjoy this: “How not to make a mod” How not to start a mod - Cube Wiki, it’s a little bit old school but many of the points are still valid, he really pushes the point of “be prepared to do everything yourself instead of asking for help”.

Hi Daz, I noticed that you are a 3D artist, level designer and blueprints’er.

I just have this awesome bestest game idea in the world and I’d like to engage you to create a game for royalties only. I’ll only take 50% revenue if you are willing to do all the work!

Jokes aside, do you do paid reviews? I’ve a VR demo that I need some reviewers. If you’re interested and have a rift please PM or email me. It’s tough finding game reviewers who can understand all the **** an indie needs to go through and actually offer feasible advice.

I hope you meant artistic.

I really hope so too.

I’ve got a good mate who’s a good 3D modeler who has asperges, but when I spoke about autistic people causing problems in the game dev scene I was talking about the people who really just wont let up on the idea of their great idea, and may even go to the extent of posing as studios or saying they have money when they don’t. Well, that’s why I need upfront payments in the biz, but that’s going a bit OT from the original threads purpose.