Whats up guys, me and a friend are currently developing a 2d platformer and we just released a small teaser trailer hope you enjoy.

Feel free to ask any questions :smiley:

looks good, also is that custom song cause it sounds familiar

Looks awesome! I love the art style - reminiscent of Braid and the painterly style of Legend of Mana, holy cow, the nostalgia. Very unique direction, I can’t wait to see more. :slight_smile:

Are there any other cool abilities the protagonist can use or info on the story so far?

The player can shoot a wind wave to kill enemies.
The story is about a boy who is trying to find out what happened to the wind, wind suddenly disappears and since the village(current hub world) is run mostly by wind force, every one is freaking out and so he sets on journey to get the wind back.

Looks really nice sonicphi ! how many different terrain sprites are being used here if you don’t mind me asking?

Smooth looking work :smiley:

Looks very cool!

Michael Noland

I love hand drawn 2d games! Kudos to you and your friend!

I am not sure but it’s quite a few, i’m the programmer so thats not my area of expertise :stuck_out_tongue: