Tales of the Dark Forest

I want to share with you the little 2D game I’m developing: Tales of the Dark Forest, adventure with some puzzles mixed with bits of action.

Shooting star does not always bring good luck. One such star fell into the depths of a dark forest, since the problems began at inhabitants of the forest and the river. Many began to leave their places but one small Mole was not in a hurry, he decided to find out what was going on and try to defend their native land, having gone into the depths of the dark forest.
The story was inspired by Kenneth Grahame “the Wind in the Willows”, but the storyline will be completly different with saving some characters. The main idea is the opposition of small animal against troubles befallen with his homeland and its salvation.

-puzzles with different difficulty levels
-beautiful locations for exploration
-battles with the “bosses”
-point_and_click mechanics

:rolleyes: And just quick video teaser:

Thank you, I will keep you informed of the development process.

wow, the graphics are amazing, I’m in awe, keep up the great work

Thank you! :rolleyes:

Man, this looks great!

I would buy this game. Twice. 20/10.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Cheers!

Hi guys! :slight_smile: What is done for this few weeks:

  • Made a hint widget, that shows what main hero is thinking about;
  • Diary (Journal) system is done, it will be filled step by step with texts and sketches during the gameplay;
  • Redesigned logo a bit;
  • Made main menu with two buttons for now, no options at this moment);
  • Some ambient sounds and music are in game;
  • Made saving between levels, because some of them are open to go back and forth, so any change in one location should be saved;
  • Fixed lot’s little bugs, remade some animations, and other little but important things :wink:
  • Made few concepts of further locations;
  • And of course made some gameplay stuff, puzzles and dialogs




Thanks! And have a realy good working mood! And a wonderful day;)

Looking so good, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Awesome art style!