Talents Wanted - Developers and Technical Artists

YouSpace, a world-class company focusing on advancing machine learning and computer vision technology, is looking for full-time senior developers and 3D technical artists with extensive experience in Unreal Engine 4.
You will work closely with design team and build high performance graphics systems for real-time rendering. You will be solving world-class rendering problems, researches and develops innovative graphics techniques including shaders, algorithms, and tools. You will also be driving computer graphic decisions on our products. We expect you to be highly confident in your works.

Company Name
YouSpace, Inc

Talent Required

Senior Unreal Engine Developer
Expertise in C++ and Unreal Engine 4
Graphics/rendering programming
Shaders, materials, lighting, rendering pipelines, procedural modeling and generation, 2D image processing, VFX and particle systems, and other graphics techniques
Proficient in 3D math skill
Enthusiasm and initiative
Excellent spoken and written communication
Strong cross-disciplinary communication skills; collaborative mindset
Develop graphics techniques and algorithms to maximize graphics quality and performance
Implement and improve modern game engine graphics pipelines
Write high-quality, performant, and maintainable code
Maintain a creative and collaborative working relationship with design team / product team across various disciplines
Must have a portfolio or project to demonstrate your previous work

3D Technical Artist (or a wizard that knows how to make things look great)
Experience in UE4 Cloth Simulation and advanced lighting
Prior experience working in a CG related industry or animation team
Complex character and clothing experience
Maya expert. Experience with Maya API a plus
Python programming skills or capacity to create tools and scripts to facilitate workflow
Understanding the basics of 3D Math
Knowledge of best practice and techniques for working with 3D Characters in gaming or cinematics pipeline
Excellent communicator, able to present ideas verbally and visually
Rig and clean up characters and clothing related assets to be used by 3D Animators in a in-house process pipeline
Collaborate with 3D Animators to solve rig or skin related issues
Develop and maintain character motion and deformation systems
Work closely with the design team and engineering team to create highly polished 3D assets
Produce concurrent and competing projects in a fast-paced environment
Must have a portfolio or project to demonstrate your previous work


e-mail: jobs@youspace.com