Talents required

Hey Guys , whats up?

We have a few talents available

3D Modeler/Artist/Texture Artist/Environmental Artist
• Seeking modelers that can model urban props and buildings.
• Responsible for creating models and textures for use in the game.
• Existing experience - you will need to demonstrate some of your completed work.
• Skype account (required)

3D Animator/Rigger
• Experienced in animating using Maya and understands the UnrealEngine pipeline (including Mannequin)
• Existing experience - existing work will be asked for
• Responsible for animating several in game humanoids and animals
• Skype account (required)

Game Programmer
• Responsible for implementing game features in C++
• A basic understanding of the structure of the GameSDK.dll would be beneficial
• Must have prior experience in using C++ and Lua is a bonus
• Skype account (required)

How to submit?
Pm me or Mail:

Project: A Dedicated Domain will be buyed , http://nikocatarino56.wix.com/theresurrection

Kind Regards , only apply That if you are able to Work On ROYALTY!