Talent System


A blueprint based Talent/Skill Tree system. Can modify character attributes, Unlock items by name, Unlock group of items by type. Contains 4 presets: Classic vertical tree, Weapon (Artifact-like) Talents, Talent Switcher, Horisontal tree. Samples and templates included.

Available here:


Preview and tutorials:

Main features:

  • Create Your tree in 3 steps:
  • 1. Create Class (ex Mage) 
    1. Create Specializations (ex Frost, Fire and Arcane) {also Each class can have Common Tree(s) -for ex. Survive}
    2. Create talents in DataTable*
  • can modify stats (+/-/+%/-%/*)
  • can unlock abilities (3 sample ability included)
  • can unlock items by name
  • can unlock items by type
  • different types of trees (classic, strategy, switcher, weapon artifact-like)
  • unlock talents in any direction
  • parent talents
  • unlock talent by character level and/or spent points in the tree and/or parent(s)
  • unlock by at least one parent is learned, or all parent must be learned
  • talent buttons of any shape and dimensions (square, rectangular, round… )
  • no limits to amount of classes, class specializations (trees), talents, talent bonuses
  • all logic commented
  • class customization - localized name, icon, background, specializations
  • each specialization (tree) can be customized - localized name, icon, background, tree widget, talent item widget, tooltip widget, arrow widget
  • talent/skill item customization
  • this system can generate trees and talents from data tables automatically or You can manually create a tree
  • this system DOES NOT uses CastTo nodes - it is reference free - use Your (precreated) widgets (trees, items, tooltips…)
  • suitable for any template

Number of blueprints:

  • 28 Blueprints
  • 3 Data Tables
  • 78 Textures
  • 17 UMG widgets
  • Sample content 172 assets
  • 13 item examples
  • 3 UMG widgets

Sounds very interesting keep up the work, also subscribed

I always loved Star Wars Galaxies skill trees. I mean classic Pre NGE. 255 skill points.

@DMaas can You show me this skill trees?



You had to complete certain teirs to inlock other class trees. If you wanted to become a bounty hunter you had to master marksman first, but if you just wanted to unlock rifleman, you just had to level the rifles teir

Um-mm this is really interesting tree! I LIKE IT!

As I understand dependencies, - in my pack this is possible - You need to learn last talent in novice tree which is parent talent for first talent in another (next) tree. You can see all trees but You need to finish previous for unlocking next tree. You can use VerticalBox For generating trees, and a button for collapse them in list. Stats panel from left side can be added easily. Same as Weapon Certification (my pack is ready for inventories based on DataTables, I have two arrays - for unlocked items, and item types). Skill system as in Star Wars Galaxies should be added additionally. Skills should be based on DataTables too. (my version of skill system is wip now =) ) . About Panels “Skill mods”, "Command and a…"I can not say anything about it. “Skill points available”+progress bar… I did not understand what it represents. Progress bar as progress indicator (in talent button) also is possible.

The progress bar is sort of an EXP bar. In that particular tree, if you use carbines, you gain carbine EXP, pistols, rifles, etc same effect. Once you have gained all the Experience needed for Rifles I, you can use a skill point, and unlock the next Teir, and you contineously do this until you have unlocked all the teirs, and mastered the tree. “My Experience” is just an amount of experienced you have gained in Rifles,Pistols, Combat, the list goes on. It is quite indepth, not something likely on a project like this, but I am sure easily doable.

If each talent has two different resources - Exp and SkillPoints - You need just add a new variable to talent data and another one ResourceType (e_num: RifleExp, PistolExp…) If You have enough RifleExp and SkillPoints, talent state is Enabled.

Really interested in replicating something myself along the SWG ways, any update on timelines for submission and prices?

Looks like this would almost be possible:

Game is Path of Exile.


How ever I myself loved the SWG skill system. I was never a fan of World Of Warcrafts as it became too streamlined. I’ve always liked the ability to put points where ever the heck I want and build my character how I want xD

@Smartay Submitting now, $24.99

@Arixsus It is possible to generate this tree but … You need to draw a grid before :wink:

Haha, of course. I wouldn’t really expect that to be auto-generated at all. That would be a nightmare xD. Just stating I see potential in this!

@Arixsus Nope it can be generated =)
To add them to the table is a chore xD Much more difficult to think up all of this talents. Even more difficult to balance it! Because a big part of them will be disabled (unlearned) due unimportance.
P.S. Also I do not like scrolling in UE4 widgets. You can’t scroll in both directions, just one scroller with another one. You can hide them but there is no way to move map diagonally :frowning:

@Smartay I want to add a theme (preset) looking like in SWG, but working a little differently.

Do you plan to replicate the system? I know the other Skill Tree system that is on the marketplace doesn’t have replication. Also how are you storing the selected talents/skills for the player?

This is Tree builder, not skill system. Now it is not replicated. For replication Talent System You need only to replicate some variables (learned talents, unlocked items and skills) and learning events. I want to add replication in next update.
I want to make another pack - SkillSytem compatible with TreeBuilder with abilities, buffs/debuffs ,DoTs/HoTs, skill amplifiers and damage system inside. And this system will be replicated initially.

Gotcha. When I said talent/skill I was referring to selected boxes, in the same way talents are selected(In SWG the box was called a skill box, it didn’t always have skills, but could only sometimes include stat mods). In any case I didn’t actually expect skills to be included. But the tree system itself was the point of interest since there is only 1 other item like this on the marketplace and its out of date. Difficult to work with.

Mate. I didn’t play in SWG :slight_smile: I think I need to play SWG to understand how it works.

In my system “Button” is TalentItem. A leaf in tree. It can be a branch. It can unlock items or skills, and/or modify one or more stats (at once) it can be a parent of other talent oooor a parent for another tree not side tree (like in WoW arcane/frost/fire) but deeper in specialization from novice to advanced… It can be implemented in my pack without pain.

As You can see there are 3 demo skills (in my pack). You can easily add Your skill system to my TalentSystem if You have a Data table with skills. DataTables is the key to make system more flexible.


If You want to make Your TalentItem or/and Tree widgets - there is no problem to make it and to add by selecting Your widget in DataTable (there is theme section for each spec/tree).

We are on the same page. Not sure if what I wrote is being misread. But we’re good :). Its still better then what I have right now as it is haha. Definitely going to be a purchase here.

@Arixsus I write this not only to sell to you =) , but to know what people want to see in TalentSystem. For example SWG tree is interesting for me because it use vertical tree with collapsed subtrees unlockable with talent from previous subtrees. Also I like panel with certifications - my system very adapted to this. I want to add replication in first update (not now because pack is submitting now) and new presets like SWG.
Also please look at WeaponTree screenshot (post #4) this is a part of Path of Exile Tree :wink:

They all look fantastic! You’ve got me excited! haha