Talent needed for vehicle based FPS sequel.

Project: Sequel (undisclosed) / TBA

Company Name: Payne Labs


We are a new indie company working on a sequel (with full IP rights) to a vehicle and human based fps game. The original is UE3 based and we have full access to all assets to be migrated and/or updated. The game has been in development for a little over a year, but the title is still TBA until we have acceptable artwork and gameplay footage; probably leading into a kickstarter, or similar, campaign.

The vehicle, weapon, and basic gameplay mechanics are working. It’s on steam with dedicated servers and getting ready for alpha testing.

Talent Required:


  • Art Director: Help develop and lead the art team maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Character: Basic skinning, rigging, and animation creation/migration, including vehicle seat poses with aim offsets for mounted weapons
  • Environmental : Landscape materials for mostly desert style levels
  • Statics: Post apocalyptic weathered buildings and structures.
  • Vehicles: Update existing and develop new vehicles including seat animation poses, some with aim offsets for mounted weapons

UI Developer:

  • UE4 UMG experience: Basic UI’s including frontend, game settings and server browser


  • C++ and blueprint experience for general gameplay coding
  • Steam / UE4 integration and admin rcon tools experience would be nice

Kenneth Payne
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Feel free to reply or message me here.