[TALENT INQUIRY] - Unreal developer(s) in Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Philadelphia Area in PA

My firm is currently answering a number of RFI/RFP for some enterprise solutions that have VR & AR components. Many of these are related to indoor mapping integration with a number of indoor positioning systems (WiFi/BLE/iBeacon) Proximity. We have a design partner for environment 3D graphics and architectural components. We are looking at contract/freelance developer to work with my development team. We have also been approached by clients that we have done some room visualizer and design studio projects - currently, these are web UX based - about possible AR/VR implementations.

This is currently only an inquiry to make some connections which could be contract/freelance to potential full time. Our hiring will be contingent on getting awarded some of these projects. Depending on feedback from the post I will hopefully not need to post again. You can check out my company (the site is being redesigned, so be amazed at some of the cool things we did, not the site :). Also a bit of bragging but were named #3 in the Top 100 places to work in PA for a small company (2017 Rankings of Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania Revealed - Team PA Foundation).

Please reach out to me via email if you’re interested in connecting:
also Linked-In: