Tale of agrio - Inspired by Harvest Moon

Hello everyone,
This is my first post here and I would like to introduce my self to you guys,
I’m Renato founder of company called Elemental Games Studio.
We are currently working on game called Tale of agrio.
Development is going quite well we are making lot of progress each day.
Soon we will start with development livestreams, vlogs etc…
We will try to get community in development process as much as possible.
So let me tell you more about game.

Tale of agrio is a voxel third-person farming simulation game built in Unreal Engine 4, inspired by Harvest Moon.
Although Tale of agrio shares many of the same core mechanics, it’s not even close to similar.
We have gone in depth with other mechanics to the point that you start to ask yourself is it even farming simulator anymore!?

Tale of agrio revolves around farm and the main character, your job is to start repairing old farm you have bought with last money you had in hope to make living of farming. However along the way of your success many will be jealous and try to harm you, your animals and the most important your soul your farm.

You can see lot of dev snapshots directly from editor as we develop game on our twitter or in update section in our kickstarter page.
Please check our kickstarter and pledge. Every dollar counts!
Support us at: Tale of agrio - Inspired by Harvest Moon | Indiegogo
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First week is over. Here is what we have created this week.

Hunger, Stamina, Health system that is quite dynamic
effected by items, how fast you are walking etc…
First animal:

We have started with basics of build:

Fence and gate

Tool Hoe

Farm plot and carrot