Tako Tako Unlimited - Mobile


I released some short endless runner on Mobile where you don’t run but you swing :rolleyes:

The special gameplay element is that you dont run forward automatically but you have to swing around two birds which themself move forward.

The score then multiplies the distance you covered times the amount of swings you did around the two birds.

Overall it was a pretty straigh forward project with not much problems to tackle. All was done in 4.9 with almost no crash and umg never crashed :slight_smile: Only there was some problem with instanced static meshes on Android.

Download Link:

Let me know your score if you played it :slight_smile:



Who likes to read, here is a gameplay video :slight_smile:

<—> Best Score by me after juggernaut update in umlimited 33404pp <—>

Tako Tako Unlmited is now also available in the iOS AppStore.


I also added a How To Play Video:

Awesome! :smiley: