Tako Tako - Oculus, iOS and Android

[Tako Tako for VR and iOS out now !]

“One of the few 3d mobile games,
which actually work with just one finger…”

“…and only if there was a button on Oculus above the nose,
then it would be without one in VR”

[VR Gameplay Video]

After releasing the Android version earlier this year, I went back to see what kind of updates could be done for iOs and VR version of the game.

So some of the updates:

  • Rocket Guiding System
  • Player Camera Improvements
  • New Video Tutorial on mobile
  • New Costume (tiger helmet only on android)
  • First Person Camera for VR
  • Navigation Menu optimization and VR Menu for OR
  • Ingame Ads removed on Android




The version for Oculus you can download trough my website or maybe later trough oculus share.
Donwload speed on the website is pretty slow, sorry for that.

Tako is enjoying here a 3d model of the oculus lift from ManyLectro from the Oculus Rift Forum

Some more superrad gaming excitment about the gameplay of Tako Tako :slight_smile:

My favourite part is around 16:35.

Superrad Gamer gave Tako Tako a score of 11 out 10, cant get any better :slight_smile: