Tako Tako - Android 3D Mobile Game


Thanks to Epic’s community and staff to make this game possible.
Enjoy the weekend guys :slight_smile:

[Gameplay Video]

[How to Play]

  • Touch any object in the level to pull yourself in that direction
  • The longer you touch the more you fly
  • Find 3 little golden takos in each level and enter the rocket
  • To rescue the golden takos, go close to them
  • Unlock hardcore mode by finding all 3 golden takos
  • Leaderboard counts the number of moves you need to finish the level in hardcore mode

[Compatibility Note]

  • The game may only work on newer devices around Galaxy S4

[Space Requirements]

Enjoy the game and rate if you like it

[Launch Trailer]


Centurios :slight_smile:

Music: Rolemusic

Music Launch Trailer by: MDK
Song Title: Boss Rush

Free Download: http://www.mdkofficial.bandcamp.com/

Soundeffects: bfxr

Unreal Community and Staff

Nvidia Apex PhysX was used for the launch trailer.

Its so messed up, funny and bad *** all at the same time. I think ill download it :slight_smile:

You found the right words I guess :slight_smile:

Haha I love it. How many people on your team?

Just me. I also like your show :smiley:

:smiley: Thanks! So you did all the art and development alone??

Yes, development was me. I started the project on 4.3 and released it on 4.51.

Mainly it was a project for getting to know the Unreal Engine, but at some point I decided to make a game out of it. For the most part Unreal Engine really makes stuff easy to concentrate yourself on the game itself.

Some materials like landscape materials are from the stylized project and foliage is from the cartoon pack on the market.

Music and stuff you can see in the attributions.

Love the retro/dubstep mix. Looks like a lot of fun. -Hard to believe this was a one man effort!


After some luck having my game covered on one of the bigger news portals in Japan (link below), I received a big download spike beginning from monday this week.

Tough this spike came to a stop immediately after Google decided to remove my app from Google Play store about 16 hours ago, withouth any warning or email. (it just says removed in my activity protocol)
I had this app in alpha/beta state in the Developer Console for over a month withouth getting any warnings or something…

After I reuploaded it now it is available again, but I am still waiting for an answer from Google. I read on other that this seams to be common practice from google, which is unacceptable for small indy developers.

Link to Newssite: ロケットニュース24のスイス人特派員フィリップがAndroidゲーム「Tako Tako」を作ったぞ! サクサク進むかと思ったら無理ゲーすぎて笑った | ロケットニュース24

Edit: Just got an answer from google which says that they didn’t remove the app themself. Case closed I guess …

So it must have been those pesky APP REMOVAL FAIRIES that come along and randomly remove apps.

Oh well … good luck with your game. 8-}

Well after all it might have been a good PR strategy for the game to be taken down, just like the other guy did it for flappy birds :slight_smile:

This is awesome!