Taking the pi*s?

When will Unreal4 become free for personal use?

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Would there be much difference using 4 compared to 3 on this piece, in terms of lighting etc?

It won’t be, if it does, it won’t happen for a very long time.

$19, you then cancel your subscription and you still have at least one incarnation of the engine. I fail to understand how this is passing so many people by or how anybody can believe it’s even remotely unfair…

I can if its someone that doesn’t have a credit card:p

Spitting the dummy+attention seeking…accomplished ^^,

I shall see u in about 1-2 years then…I look forward to meeting u 4…your the latest and greatest+I must have u ^^,

It won’t be, probably.

There are lots of aspects that UE 4 is pretty better - specially in the way you use it: is beautifully easier. And finally, one more thing: UE 4 is a next-gen engine. :wink:

Come on Epic…sort it out.

Do you have a credit card? If so, take off some pizzas and get one month of UE4. You will not regret. =)

I guess I will end up giving in at some point…you absolute set of…nice people. Guess its motivation, if your buying the food…your eating it whether u like it or not ^^,…shakes head.

Dude you live with no money along your months? O_O Are you nomad or something like that?

It’s just US$19,00!!! (!)

There won’t ever be a free version, otherwise they woud have to make the paid version more expensive.

Ask parents or a really good/close friend, or hope they’ll maybe add PayPal in the future
OR just get one of the prepaid CCs, I’ve lived with one of those for a long time as well, they work pretty nicely.

I pretty much missed out on UE3, but if things are even remotely as they were in the UE2 days - and from what I’ve seen so far not much has changed in that matter - the Unreal dev community is one of the best!

Plz close this thread “my trollness feels satisfied”.