Taking Screenshot and Getting it in Blueprint

I looked around for similar problem but couldn’t find any, What I am trying to do is taking a screenshot and save it somewhere, where I can retrieve it later on in the game.

It’s when saving the game you take a screenshot of that place and then when showing saved slots, you show the images alongside the info.

hi I find a execute console command and HighResShot xxxxXxxxx
Can solve my problem

I have another question,
How to setting my img location.
and when I execute one times I hope it`s name always be HighresScreenshot00000


You probably wont be able to do it using blueprints as blueprints are intentionally cut from file system and direct network control for security reasons (ofcorse this does not prevent from making nodes in C++ that does that). You might find something using 's plugin which provide such nodes.

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