Taking Pictures

Hi, I wanted to do some Interior Design but I need to take HQ pictures not just a regular screenshot. I can´t find anywhere, where I can just take normal pictures with cameras. Would be nice to know :slight_smile:
Ty already

there is tutorial on taking high quality screenshot inside UE4 here

The TLDR version of that is press play, move until you have a nice view then hit the tilde on your keyboard to open the command prompt and type
HighResShot 3180x2160

or whatever the resolution of your screen is, then hit enter. The editor will then briefly display a link telling you where it has saved the file.

This part is not required but if you are going to do that a lot, you can go to your Project settings > Input > Bindings > Action mappings and add a key to do it. Then, in blueprint, you can handle that action by using an ExecuteConsoleCommand node, using the exact same string as above.