Taking more time to open the Editor


The UE4 is taking more time to open.
Is this casual or what to do with this issue tried with restarting and build again for multiple times.

Please do provide me with solution.

This is the 3rd post I am posting and could not find any answers for this.
Please any solutions would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Can you be a bit more specific? How long?


  1. Did it ever work properly? ( editor opens in under 15 secs )

  2. Are you just talking about opening the editor, or a map as well?

It is taking more than an hour .

I am getting this warning message along with it.


No it never opened I am facing this issue all the time.

I cannot open the editor itself always it would stop at the above image

I see other people having similar problems. Did you run the build as root?

Also saw this:


Could you please be specific. I did not get the solution properly.

Thanks in advance.

Actually while opening the editor I am facing the issue my terminal would stuck with the above warning message but the UE4 editor never opens .

Sorry, I don’t know what your problem is. I just noticed the github example above seemed similar…