TakeDamage for Healing?

As far as i know it’s recommended to use the built-in engine method TakeDamage(…) for the damage system, but what about healing?, should i use TakeDamage(…) for healing too? just with negative values ?

TakeDamage(10.0,…) //damage
TakeDamage(-10.0,…) //heal

yeah, you can do that, i use that for my game no problem so far.

I concur, there shouldn’t be any issue with this. I’ve done the same before with a custom take damage function of my own. Remember that if you ever wonder what you can do with these provided functions, looking at the source code and seeing the function itself is always a good way to learn how these functions are made.

Hi ,

Did this method work out for you? We haven’t heard from you in a while and we’d like your confirmation on if this answer was helpful.

yeah, this method worked for me :slight_smile: