Take Screenshots with HUD/Widget

Hi, i have a triggerBox and when i enter there i have a “ExecuteCommand” and there is ‘HighResShot’ also i have a widget in my level,but when the screenshot is taken the Widget in Game done’s not show.How can i solve this problem?

Use “bugscreenshot” command.

Save directiory is “YourProject/Saved/BugIt”

You can get the screenshot with HUD/Widget.

This (strange) answer seems to be the right one, I tested it and sometimes it works, others it takes a screenshot of the blueprint behind the game, why that happens?

I will add to the previous answer and solution, you can use bugscreenshot in the command parameter inside the execute command console function, and then if you want to specify a location on your “Android” phone, you will add a “space” then write the location: so the overall text in the command parameter would be:
bugscreenshot /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/yourscreenshot.png
I tested it on my mobile and it worked.