Take Recording of vehicle crash not working - Video attached

I used the CitySample and Vehicles Samples for this, did a take record but when I render it out in MRQ it doesn’t work. Any ideas how to set it up properly?

the tutorial makes it looks so straightforward but i still get the same result as the above video…any ideas how they’re setting this up?

has anyone tried crashing vehicles and recording it with take recorder? does the playback work for you or do you get the same buggy results?

I am getting the same buggy results.

I found a way to get some of the deforming visible in sequencer, but as soon as you try to render everything goes back to default…

In the vehicleBP try to find the skm_ (theres 3 meshes i guess) meshes and set the visibility to true… just need to figure out, how to get it to render properly. If you find anything, let me know!


Can’t even record traffic vehicles. How to do it? Nearby spawned objects not recording traffic actors…

Did you ever find the solution to this? Working on a big reveal trailer and this is putting me days behind :')

Hey bro. Coming really really late here but this youtube video shows you how to solve the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeI7dSGc_j0

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