Take recorder: Saving camera movements only to apply to other scenes as templates

Hey everyone, brand new to Unreal so this might be out there, but I’m not sure of the language to search for answers.

I’m using LiveLink Cam with iPhone and want to save certain movements to apply to other videos.

In Take recorder is there a way to save a camera movement alone, not anything else in the scene, and apply it to another take/scene? Or possibly save them as templates.



you should be able to reuse your level sequence with the camera animations in it by just dragging it into other level sequences, it should load as a nested shots track

Thanks! Is there a way to export the camera animation only to be able to create a template for the shot type?

you can try to experiment with a ‘camera animation sequence’ but I’m not sure what the clear benefits are between that and a normal cam sequence since I don’t use them in my workflow