Take recorder not recording attach component to component skeletal meshes


playing around with the take recorder I have some characters that I’m attaching together using
the attachcomponenttocomponent node. When I press the pie(simulate button), it all appears to be
working fine, I move one character and all the attached ones move along with it.

When I try and use the take recorder to record what’s happening at runtime, instead of ending up with a recorded motion that have all the attached skeletal mesh characters moving around with the parent character. I end up the main parent character being recorded properly, but all of my attached characters are back at the origin, instead of following the main parent character. From what I can see, it doesn’t seem like Take recorder is recording what’s happening in PIE properly or take recorder is not recording the transforms of the attached characters properly.

Not sure what I’m missing, currently take recorder doesn’t seem to be recording what I’m seeing in PIE when I’m simulating. Anyone else ran into something like this before with Take recorder.

I’m having the same issue as you. I attempted to record VR motion while VRPawn grabbed the grabbable box. As a result, the box was invisible during runtime. I came across an old thread [Attach in Sequencer not working as expected -- how can/should we fix it?]. However, I am still unable to resolve this bug.